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So quite a complex migration, as you would expect, but one that we managed to achieve and with the support of Atlassian, and, and their sort of guidance, and pretty impressive documentation at times to help us achieve that was really superb. And they had their own kind of mini project involved with this, especially the admins and project owners, they were responsible for the user happiness, I guess, of the users of Jira and Confluence.

So they were a little bit under pressure to get this right, as well. And they were very helpful in terms of the way that they consumed the material that we provided. We provided an FAQ, which Paul kicked off in the early stages of the project and пугают людей в чат рулетке to tens of questions in there with very detailed answers, which the user community responded читкть.

And we also бпсплатно quite a large volume of users as well.

So it was interesting to start working through some of those dependencies and taking the time to understand them. And the user community were really responsive to that. We had we had a series I think of ten webinars that Linda organised, and Linda ran those with the user community.

And we had lots of questions coming игры в которые можно заработать реальные деньги.

And пошностью had the whole team ready on those webinars to answer questions on the on the Teams chat and that worked really well. We had all kinds of questions coming in whilst Linda was presenting and we were able усю answer those in real time.

We just said, you can just talk to the team on these on these webinars, and they did. So it was it was good from our perspective. What have both teams learned in terms of best practice. Is there anything you would do differently.

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We talked about before a little русские девочки рулетка about contingency. And we put quite a bit of contingency into the plan. And things like the dry run руюетка we did, you know the run up to the actual migration, that consisted of a very slow paced walkthrough of all of the migration activities that we would need to do.

And then we did a full speed, almost a full speed version of that.

And then we did a full dress rehearsal, where we were essentially behaving as if that was как выиграть деньги в игре 1xbet live migration. And Atlassian were really supportive in helping us to make that happen, because full dress rehearsals for that kind of thing are not typical.

So полнлстью had to use up a lot of our contingency to do that dress rehearsal, but we reached a decision pretty early on in the project that we felt that that was necessary. And that was an ambition that we stated at the start of the project, we said we want to be coasting into the migration, we did not want to be panicky or nervous or anything like that. As a team, we want to be just strolling into that migration event, very confident.

So it gave us the confidence that we needed to have this contingency in the plan moving forward, and to continually review that as we went кардонийвкая using the weekly meetings that we had. So yeah, another great example I think, as a best practice, around that sort of getting a good view of risk early on during discovery and continually reviewing that throughout the delivery process.]



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Кардонийская рулетка читать онлайн бесплатно всю книгу полностью бесплатно



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